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CJ’s Professional Satellites, Inc. is an authorized retailer and contractor for the direct-broadcast satellite provider Dish. CJ’s is headquartered in Harrison, Arkansas, and has operations in multiple states including Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Louisiana.

The Performance Center is designed to provide a centralized location for satellite technicians to test and evaluate their knowledge and skills pertaining to the satellite TV and broadband industry. More specifically, as an In-Home Services provider of Dish products and services. Dish offers customers a “best in class” entertainment experience, as well as cutting edge smart device connectivity and support features second to none. There’s more to it than just satellite dishes, TV service and DVRs. It’s an ever increasing connected world.

The satellite TV technician’s roles and responsibilities have evolved dramatically over the years. As the technology advances, so must your knowledge, skills, and attitude. There’s a lot to keep up with. CJ’s Performance Center is designed to help you do just that.

How it Works

The Performance Center is set up with multiple courses. Each course has lessons, and within lessons you will find topics. Quizzes and final exams are also part of the process. Each course is structured the same, but will obviously vary with the subject matter at hand. Some things to remember when taking a course:

  • This is a private site with access granted only to those who are affiliated with CJ’s. You must log in to the site with the username and password assigned to you by CJ’s corporate.
  • At the bottom of each lesson and topic there will be a “Mark Complete” button. You need to make sure you mark each section as complete when you finish it.
  • Lessons and topics which contain videos will not permit you to access the “Mark Complete” button until the video has completely played. There is often additional information below the video that is pertinent as well.
  • Quizzes will appear throughout the courseĀ  after a specific lesson and/or topic. You must pass the quiz before you can continue to the next topic or lesson. What is considered passing is defined within each course.
  • Certificates will be provided once you successfully complete a course. In some cases you may be required to successfully complete certain courses in order to operate under CJ’s.
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SHS Complete Course

Smart Home Services

This course covers all the details of Dish In-Home Services products, services, recommendations, and guidelines pertaining to the Smart Home Services program. Successful completion of this course is one of the requirements to work with CJ's as a satellite technician.
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SHS Items Test

SHS Items Test

This test covers all the details of Dish In-Home Services items. Successful completion of this test is one of the requirements to work with CJ's as a satellite technician.
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CSAT Course

Customer satisfaction is a vital component for DISH and it's future. CJs is committed to ensuring technicians are prepared to offer "best in class" service to customers.

Pixsys Comet User Course

Pixsys Comet User Course

This course covers details of using Pixsys for job tracking and payroll.
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