Nest Cameras SHS Installation (External)

This lesson is designed to provide installation steps for SHS sales of the Nest IQ Indoor Camera and the Nest IQ Outdoor Camera.


  • Gather required tools and materials
    • Phillips screwdriver
    • Silicone
    • Drill
    • Drill bits
      • 1/2” drill bit (cable hole)
      • 7/32” drill bit (anchors)
      • 3/32” drill bit (pilot holes)

Customer confirmation

  • Put on boot covers before entering the customer’s home
  • Confirm that you will be installing a Nest IQ Camera (indoor or outdoor)
  • Confirm that you may be required to drill new holes in the customer’s home
    • Get customer approval before making any wall penetrations
  • Confirm that the customer has wifi and smart mobile device (phone or tablet)
  • Provide the estimated job length to the customer

Site Survey

  • Identify the camera location with the customer
    • Recommended 7’-10’ above the ground
  • Determine cable route and possible penetration points (required for outdoor cameras only)
    • Outdoor cameras must be plugged into an indoor power outlet
    • Consider cable length from camera to outlet

Nest Account Setup

  • Have the customer download the Nest app on their mobile device
  • If they do not already have one, have the customer create a Nest account.
    • Create an account through the Nest app or go to
  • Verify the customer’s smart phone or tablet is connected to the correct wifi network and the Bluetooth and Location Services are enabled.
  • In the Nest app, select Settings then Add Product
  • Scan the QR code on the camera
  • Pick a location name for the camera
  • Temporarily place the camera in the desired location to test wifi connection
    • Plug in the camera to an approved outlet
    • Connect the camera to wifi
      • Connect to the same network as the mobile device being used for setup
  • Test the camera’s video feed
    • If the camera does not connect to the wifi network or the video stream is interrupted, the camera may need to be moved to an area with stronger wifi signal
  • If wifi connection is not sufficient, work with the customer to find an alternative location.

Placing or Mounting the Camera

Indoor cameras

  • Place the camera on a flat horizontal surface
    • Recommended 7’-10’ above the ground
  • Plug in the camera to an approved outlet
  • On the customer’s device, test the camera’s video stream with the Nest app
    • Pivot the camera to adjust the viewing angle as needed

Outdoor cameras

  • Determine cable route
    • Camera can be installed directly over the cable hole or the cable hole can be drilled closer to the indoor outlet with cable running outside of the home
    • Consider the cable length (25ft)
    • Consider plumbing, wiring, and duct work at penetration points
  • Hold the wall plate in the mounting location and mark holes with a pencil
    • Make sure the wall plate’s cable notch points in the direction of the cable route
  • Get customer confirmation before drilling any holes
  • Use a 1/2” bit to drill the center cable hole
    • Tips:
      • Identify a reference point
      • Measure both entrance and exit points
      • On wood – drill inside-out
      • On brick – drill outside-in
    • Steps:
      • Clear both entrance and exit points
      • Inspect for obstructions
      • Drill through the wall
  • Drill holes for screws
    • For hard materials like brick, use the 7/32” bit and the included anchors
    • For softer materials, drill pilot holes using the 3/32” bit
  • Apply silicone to holes and baseplate
  • Attach the wall plate to the wall using the included screws
    • Make sure the wall plate’s cable notch points in the direction of the cable route
  • Run the power cable through the hole to the interior outlet
    • The end with the gray rubber ring will be attached to the camera
  • Plug the power cable into the camera until it clicks
  • Attach the camera to the base plate
  • If cable is run along the exterior walls, secure using the included cable clips
  • On the customer’s device, test the camera’s video feed with the Nest app
    • Pivot the camera to adjust the viewing angle as necessary


  • Provide customer education
    • Using the Nest app
    • Speaking through the camera
    • Video settings
    • Alert settings
    • Nest Aware subscription benefits
  • Transact sale in Beacon
  • Leave remaining parts and documentation with the customer
    • For outdoor cameras, explain how to detach the camera using the included hex key
  • Have the customer sign mobility device to confirm work performed
  • Thank customer
  • Ensure you have all tools and equipment
  • Return to vehicle
  • Update appointment status to “Complete”
  • Depart

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